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American Golf System is Now Web-Based
Nationwide Golf Course Database is now live!
(More than 14,000 Courses)

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All Golf Clubs and Individuals Looking
to form Official Clubs are Welcome!

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Features Include:
  • Quick-Start Import Golfers from Excel or a List
  • Import Scores from Other More Expensive Systems
  • Create Scorecards with Strokes Calculated
  • 14,000+ Golf Courses Search and Import
  • Create Golf Club Web Page
  • Print Handicap Cards for Members
  • Multiple Administrators can Enter Scores
  • Allow Golfers Read-Only Access for Peer Review
  • 365 Day Licensing
  • Download Reports to Excel (Chrome and Firefox)
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    Use the 'Contact Us' to make suggestions or report any issues.  An attempt to answer all questions will normally be made as quickly as possible.  Often within minutes!!!  

    Our Story

    The American Golf System golf handicapping software has been licensed to Golf Clubs and individuals interested in forming golf clubs since 1996.

    We help golf courses create handicap   cards for their members at reasonable prices!

    Offering a 60 day trial period, the software has grown to include golf clubs throughout the United States. Try it risk free. Unique Internet publishing feature for the ultimate in golf handicapping peer review is included. Other features include 'Grouping' of golfers, ability to purge older scores, updated reports, and more.


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