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The American Golf System offers plastic handicap cards and quality blank labels at reasonable prices. This allows USGA Golf Clubs to create a professional look for their member handicap cards. The plastic cards are made of a durable high-quality plastic, and can withstand substantial abuse. A member receiving a plastic card can expect to "stack" as many as 10 or 12 labels on each card as the handicap labels are published on a periodic basis.

A USGA Golf Club of 50 golfers can expect to use approximately 100 plastic cards and 1000
labels per year (about a dozen printings).

Bottom Line: Supplies cost about $1 per member during the year!

Pricing for Plastic Handicap Cards
and Golfer Labels
Number of Cards Prices
 25 Handicap Cards $9.95
 50 Handicap Cards $15.95
 100 Handicap Cards $26.95
 200 Handicap Cards $48.95
 300 Handicap Cards $66.95
 500 Handicap Cards $99.95
Plus Minimal Shipping Charges

Golfer Labels Prices
 150 Golfer Labels $4.50

Card Information  

Card Preview
Use our Golfer Labels to create the effect you
see below! The cards are made of a durable, high
quality plastic, and will allow your members to
add labels to the same card all year long.

Cards are credit card sized, and .015" inches thick
with rounded edges. Labels are standard 8" x 11.5"
sheets and can be used with Inkjet or Laser Printers.

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